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 You will find TINKA*EggArt at the shows below.  For any further information or to register for a class please contact me on the linked e-mail address, or call me at 860-491-3384. Credit cards, PayPal and personal checks are accepted as forms of payment. Please check for updates. Want to know more about classes? Check out the "What is offered in a class?" page.


JOURNEY THROUGH THE EGGSHELL. April 24, 2014, Thursday at the Eggs Original Show, in Easton Pennsylvania.

Fee for class: $100.00

Deposit: $55.00

Deadline to register: April 10, 2014.

I will give two four hour classes, an AM class and a PM class. I will also set up 6 dustcollectors to keep our work neat and clean, so each class is limited to 6 students. You however have to bring along your own rotary type of cutting tool, making sure your collet fits a 3/32" cutting bit stem. (Dremels are OK). I will provide the necessary cutting bits we need to complete the design for the duration of the class. We will work on a medium sized goose egg, with patterns already decaled on the egg, ready to cut. I attach at the end of this announcement a photo depicting the front and back design of the egg. There will be time to go through the vinegar-clorox cleaning process and to demonstrate the decaling method. Additional decal patterns and a crystalling kit ($47.50) for the design you cut into your egg will be available for extra cost if you wish to continue your adventure. I hope many of you take advanatage of this great kick off class into eggshell cutting! See you on board! I am giving you here a link to go over to the Eggs Original website for even more details and other events. Of course Tinka will have the usual tables during the show to tempt you with delicious merchandise to support what you just learned.....Your paid deposit will secure your place in class and let me know whether you will take the morning or afternoon class. I take Credit Cards, personal checks and PayPal payments.    

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Click here to go over to Eggs Original show website for more information about this show.

TINKA*EggArt: Where the Spirit of Faberge meets the Fire of Swarovski on real eggs. 

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