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Gallery of Kits

Unparalelled in design and technique, only available at TINKA*, these kits are designed to create beautiful crystalled eggs. Many different images to choose from, you will find everything in a kit you need to sit down and enjoy your artwork. It starts with your intricately precut goose egg, always a design on both sides. The exclusive Swarovski crystals are precounted (always on the generous end...) and prepackaged with careful labeling to ensure you do not get lost among them. You also get a set of pick up sticks (one with beeswax on the end to easliy pick up stones, the other plain to position them into perfect place) and a tube of jewelers cement, the ultimate crystal glue. A top and a hook and if the design includes pendants then those, as well, complete the picture. An instruction sheet loaded with general tips about crystalling, a detailed worksheet guiding you step by step through each of the designs and a colored image drawing showing the placement of the stones, all help you on the way. Please note the crystal count on the image drawing is not accurate, it is more for visual guidance. Refer to the written instruction instead. The color-compositions of these kits are preset. Sometimes the same cut in design has more than one color variation making the finished artwork look all together different. They are listed individually. Pick and choose, the fun is yours whether you order here or buy them at a show. Prices are shown without shipping charges. When I get your check, credit card or PayPal payment for the full amount and your address information (I'll quote you the shipping price based on that), I will put together and mail you out your kit. My server for inland shipping is UPS, to foreign countries and overseas Global Priority. These kits are custom made, so be prepared, sometimes there is some waiting time.And now it is time to browse through the list of beautiful selections! Kits are illustrated by their image form you will get in the instruction packet.

"CHANDELIER EGG" KIT - Goose egg - $170.00 All around design, this kit also includes five pendants composed of Swarovski beads and drop crystals. Aquamarine - sapphire -crystal AB - and a touch of peridot to ease the "blues"...A beautiful, airy, serene color combination.


"CHANDELIER EGG" kit - Goose egg: $170.00 Another version of the beautiful all around design to show off the pointed back and flat back Swarovski crystals. To complete the Chandelier effect a beautiful crystal top with hook and 5 Swarovski bead and drop bangles are enclosed. This version is composed of ruby, crystal AB and light colorado topaz crystals. A beautiful festive combination. 


EMERALD CHANDELIER EGG - $170.00 Hanging goose egg with crystal bangles. Beautiful all around design of snowflakes and flowers. Classic combination of emerald and white pointed and flatback Swarovski crystals with a little bit of yellow topaz to balance it out. Gold wire hook, designer top, drop crystals are all included. Another elegant sparkling masterpiece for you to finish and enjoy.


FUCHSIA CHANDELIER EGG - on goose egg - $170.00  Beautiful fuchsia pointback stones are paired with purple velvet crystals enhanced by yellow topaz and green turmaline stones. Drop crystals for the chandelier effect are constructed from beads of matching colors. Designer top and gold hanging hook included.


"PEACOCK IN THE GARDEN" KIT (Goose egg) - $160.00 A beautiful and very intricate design. This egg can be hanged or set in a stand. Sapphire-blue zircon peacock on front - the snowflake is composed of light rose-purple velvet crystals. A winner combination!


"BUTTERFLY WITH LIGHT ROSE SNOWFLAKE" KIT (Goose egg) $160.00This egg can be hanged or set in stand. Amethyst crystals for Butterfly flying amongst colorful flowers. The light rose snowflake blends perfectly in with the color-mood of the front design. Designer top and gold-hook included.


"TASTE OF NECTAR" KIT (Goose egg) $160.00 Egg can hang or stand. Brand new colors for this design, that brings our hummingbird even more alive. The hummer boasts now blue zircon (turquoise), cobalt and red "feathers" with gold wire beak, ready to sample the multicolor flowers on front. Red (a favorite color for hummers...), crystal and yellow topaz snowflake compliments the design on the backback.


"FLOWERS IN A BASKET" KIT (Goose egg) $160.00 Beautiful multicolored flowers in a basket on front with emerald-white crystal-golden topaz color combination snowflake on back, almost like a garden backdrop. Finished egg can hang or set in stand.


"SUMMERFLIGHT" KIT (Goose egg) $160.00 Amethyst-crystal AB dragonfly skims among colorful flowers with a beautiful emerald-tanzanite(lilac) snowflake on the back of the egg. Egg can hang or set in stand.Designer top and gold wire hook is included 


"DOLPHIN IN RAINBOW WITH STARFISH" KIT (Goose egg) $160.00 The dolphin is contoured with soft grey (black diamond) and lilac (tanzanite) colored crystals jumping into a multicolored rainbow. Below in the waves colorful fishes are swimming. To continue the theme the back of the egg shows a starfish (sapphire-bluezircon and crystalAB stones) Egg can hang or set in stand.


"SNOWFLAKE ON SNOWFLAKE "  design (Goose egg) $155.00 Totally "cool" design. Different snowflake design on each side of the egg but the color scheme is the same: aquamarine-sapphire-crystalAB, opposite side aquamarine-cobalt-crystal AB. An all time favorite.


SNOWFLAKE ON SNOWFLAKE (goose egg) $155.00  This time the colors are really "frosty". An ideal combination if you are in winter mood. White, crystal AB and light colorado topaz sparkles like snow or ice in the sun. Stunning! Designer top and gold wire hook included.


"POINSETTIA RED" KIT (Goose egg) $160.00 Designed with winter and the holidays in mind  a big red poinsettia flower dominates the front. Amethyst mini poinsettias form a snowflake design on the back to enhance the festive mood. Add to it crystalAB and peridot crystals to show off a stunning color combination!. A matching crystal designer top and 14karat gold filled wire hook with Swarovski crystal bead is included.

Alternative colors in shades of amethyst

"SPRING BOUQUET" KIT - GOOSE EGG: $160.00 After winter comes spring. This design celebrates it with a colorful front loaded with flowers and a flower wreath with dominant light rose color on the back. Matching crystalled designer top and 14karat gold filled wire hook with crystal bead is included.



"SUMMER BOUQUET" $160.00 Bursting with colors, these summer flowers are a delight to crystal. This design gives you an opportunity to work with a great array of pointed and flatback crystals. A custom made matching top and goldwire hook adorned with a swarovski bead completes the design.


AUTUMN BOUNTY goose egg, hanging - 160.00 The last of the four season series (poinsettia-winter, spring bouquet, summer bouquet and autumn bounty) this design is rich in fall colors. And of course the pumpkin on the back does it all. But there are berries and leaves and acorns and fruits, and the sparkle of the finished egg outshines all the seasons inviting you to display your masterpiece all year long. Designer top and hook included.


The following four designs will get you ready for the holidays. Presented on a large goose egg, they are a delight to crystal them. Just choose your favorite design, or... start a collection. Designer top, gold hook with Swarovski crystal are included and invites you to hang the egg way beyond the holiday season! We all deserve a little sparkle throughout the year! Each kit costs: $160.00 


THE FOLLOWING KITS BOAST DESIGNS ON JUMBO GOOSE EGGS. Clearly for the artist who wishes to experience a bit of a challenge. Not quite for beginners, lot of design, lot of crystals, gorgeous, sparkling artwork!  Everything is included for you to complete the egg (two tubes of jeweler cement for this kit). These eggs are designed for placing them loosely in stands.If you want to use permanent stands you will have to choose and get your own. I do give the designer top though. (An advance tip: if you decide to permanently attach the egg to your choice of stand, before crystalling the lower part match the bottom with the stand to establish how far down you can go with your crystalling. You achieve the best fit with smooth uncrystalled egg-surface. Also use 527 glue for this process.) Cutting these eggs is intricate work and often are custom cut at time of the order. Good idea to plan ahead as your patience might be required. A $100.00 deposit is due at time of ordering.


                  "SWANSONG" - Jumbo goose egg - $215.00


                 "BUMBLE BEES IN THE GARDEN" - Jumbo goose egg - $215.00


               "ENGLISH GARDEN" - Jumbo goose egg - $215.00


          "DRAGONFLY AND COMPANY" - Jumbo goose egg - $215.00


ARIEL, THE EARTH-GUARD. Angel design on jumbo goose egg. With a celestial design on the back, this egg is a spectacular showcase for Swarovski crystals. The design is for a standing egg, to place in an eggstand or mount on a stand of your choice (stand not included).The latest in a the jumbo goose egg series for $215.00

TINKA*EggArt: Where the Spirit of Faberge meets the Fire of Swarovski on real eggs.

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