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What is offered in a class?

Hmmmm..., if you thought what else could be told about a stone being glued to a surface with a glue......well, read on.....in my classes you will discover jeweler quality tricks of the trade, that carries that stone glued to the surface way beyond the decorative realm, closer to your heart, inspiration and imagination.....I like to say, you will "paint" with crystals. 


While it is coated with two layers of acrylic glaze, your goose egg is quite intricately cut, so be gentle with it. I always provide a foam pad to students in class. The egg will grow stronger as we go along with crystalling. I recommend you work on one side at a time, to avoid moving stones that are not fully set. Strategy and planning are big part of a smooth crystalling event.
The beauty of crystalling is that you can choose the level of difficulty. Setting it with more pointed back crystals requires more skill, more work, more patience. As a reward you get deeper reflection of the design. Flat back crystals are easier to apply and bring faster results. Holes, corners of oval cuts, teardrops can all be filled with different size of pointed back crystals, but they can also be adorned with flat back stones instead, by placing them on the solid eggshell surface between or around the cuts. Lines, stems of flowers or big openings can be contoured by tiny SS5 flat back cyrstals. You can make your own "smorgasbord" of flat back and pointed back crystals. This is a class where you are encouraged to express your own imagination and creativity.
Remember,  crystalling is not just decorating. Crystals make the egg stronger by making sure you place flat backs where cuts are really close, of course keeping the design in mind. Because the designs on the egg are created by freehand, sometimes there is a slight difference between sizes and distances. Sliding flatbacks a bit to the right or left can even out irregularities.
To unfold your "color-flow", always start to compose in the center of the design (like the center stone of a snowflake design) or the main image of the design (butterfly, dragonfly or biggest flower). You will be amazed how a few stones start to "call in" the rest. Pointed back crystals "rule" - work on those first.
Many of you will be familiar with jeweler's cement, the choice of glue we work with. The best part of this glue is its timing. While it holds crystals immediately, it allows you to move and reposition stones for several minutes after application. The thin needlepoint opening of the tube helps you to regulate the amount of glue whether it is a drop or a line. I always keep half a potato cut lengthwise in a small dish beside me with cut side down and stick the needle end of the open tube in it. This keeps the glue flowing and I seldom have to squeeze it. To stretch this science for the "I'll try it at home person": not just any potato will do. It only works with yellow, thin skinned, new potatoes. Sometimes I have them sprouting and I can still stick the glue needle in them. Just that you know, potatoes are included in the class supplies, as well.
The pick up sticks with padded finger-support are great tools to speed up the setting process. The tip of one stick is covered with beeswax to pick up the stones. Beeswax is excellent to pick and hold the crystals from the smallest to the biggest, yet quick to release once it connects to the glue. And...no smudges. After many uses the tip picks up some glue. Then just snip off the tip, roll a new tip from the remaining wax and you are back in business. One stick lasts for a long time.The plain tipped stick is for positioning, straightening of the stones. It is hard to believe that it makes a difference, but the correct position of a Swarovski crystal enhances the brilliance of the reflection.
My crystal inventory is formidable....it will inspire you, you do not have to think in grosses or prices, just "dig in" and follow the image you dreamt up. I offer a lot of one-on-one planning and coaching in class, but my experience is that all I do is to give you a start, and you are on your way. Sometimes by the end I am learning a thing or two from you...I love to have you in class, you are welcome and you will leave in high spirits plus a beautiful egg in your hand....

TINKA*EggArt: Where the Spirit of Faberge meets the Fire of Swarovski on real eggs. 

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